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What We Need To Do As Followers Of Jesus Christ

It was a glorious day for my old friend. He was breathless as he informed me his life was now in the Hands of Jesus. We had been having some interesting conversations, but it was a large evangelical event that finally prompted him to stand up and accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. We hugged and his embrace was strong and genuine. He had surrendered to Jesus. “What do I do now?” he asked. So, I kiddingly asked him if he didn’t pick up the manual from the evangelical event before presenting him with my favorite study Bible....

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What Do We Really Commemorate On Halloween?

With over 350,000 Christian denominations around the world, there is bound to be some spirited debate over how to translate, respond, or act to certain worldly events. One of these events is the celebration of Halloween. Is it a sin to celebrate the day? Is it a sin to dress like a goblin and collect candy from your neighbors? Are we glorifying witches and evil? Or are we paying tribute to the Saints somehow? To find our personal answer, we need to ask ourselves, what do we really commemorate on Halloween? Halloween’s early roots date back to a pagan...

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The Power Of Fast

Recently, I had a conversation with a member of our church. She told me she was dismayed over her prayer life. In short, she felt praying may be a fruitless exercise. This woman understood world peace and poverty may require more than her prayers to come to fruition; but she was sad that she seemed no closer to understanding her faith, improving relationships, or helping her neighbors. As the conversation unfolded, I listened to her explain how she made time each morning to pray and knelt at her bedside each night. She was a regular service attendee and tried...

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Teaching Religion: Are You Being Honest With Your Kids?

What do you talk about when your children ask about religion? What kind of lessons do you share? Do you send them to Sunday School and expect that to be enough? When it comes to teaching religion, are you being honest with your kids? Religion can be a touchy subject when discussed among adults. When it comes to children, it can be life-altering in good and bad ways. Children can be turned off to religion and to their faith if we are not honest and open about things. This can be difficult. I can’t imagine trying to explain the...

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Preparing For Advent

Preparing for Advent means different things to different Christians. But for too many, it is not something that means anything. Some Christians believe Advent is the time to prepare for Christ’s birth. Are they supposed to prepare… to prepare the celebration? Advent actually means the second coming. It is the season to celebrate not just Jesus’ birthday, but rather the coming of the Savior.  It is not a time to prepare for Christmas. It is a four-week long celebration that culminates on Christmas Day. Preparing for Advent involves you, the person, and how you can honor the Lord throughout...

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Paul: I Am Strong In My Weakness – How Does This Apply To Our Daily Lives?

When Paul wrote his second letter to the Corinthians, he was dealing with some folks who were distorting the lessons and story of Jesus under the guise that they were stronger apostles than even Paul. They claimed to have had visions and visitations they said gave them clearer insight. In chapter 12, we learn more about Paul’s conversion or possibly a subsequent incident where he was present in the Heavens and heard things no man should hear nor can share. He could not be sure if he was present in body or was lifted out of his body at...

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Love Your Enemies – The Power Teaching Of Jesus

This is a story I heard from a Jewish rabbi in my youth. There was a military man who built a very large weapon he was sure would turn the tide of World War II in Germany’s favor. It could fire huge bombs over great distances with great accuracy. From a mountaintop perch, the German army could control vast swaths of territory. It would be encased in triple-thick cement impervious to allied air attacks. It was, he said, the most powerful weapon in the world. The group of officials he was speaking to seemed impressed. Then a voice rose...

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Letting It All Go – Looking After Seniors Preparing For Death

Caring for older folks, including our parents, can be quite a challenge. Tough decisions have to be made. Financial considerations come into play. Personalities might clash. The elder’s desire for independence is often not on par with their self-care ability. It is stressful on all. Moving a parent in with you can be one of the most rewarding, yet exasperating and difficult situations you will ever face. Dynamics like who is caring for whom, what to cook, privacy, authority or input over the grandchildren can all cause tension among even the most loving families. Eventually, things settle down. Routines...

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How To Overcome The Small Daily Temptations

Everyone gets tempted. Satan found a brutal tool when he convinced Eve to eat that apple. It is the main weapon in his daily attack on our souls. Sometimes, the temptation is subtle and appears innocent. The last piece of cake sitting unwatched in the kitchen is irresistible. An isolated one-way street saves time if you ignore that arrow. One cigarette won’t hurt. Other times, it is a more significant problem. I know it’s for the food budget, but what if I win the next game? No one will ever know if copy these answers. It’s just coffee together…...

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